A multi-cluster continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes

Automate the rollout process of Kubernetes resources across multiple clusters, environments, and cloud providers, and gain insight into what applications and versions run in your cluster.

An IBM open source project

Start automating the deployment to thousands of clusters with ease

Install RazeeDash

# RazeeDash install kubectl apply -f https://github.com/razee-io/Razee/releases/latest/download/razeedeploy.yaml kubectl apply -f https://github.com/razee-io/Razee/releases/latest/download/razeedash-all-in-one.yaml # Wait for the razeedash-api deployment to complete and then create the RazeeDash ConfigMap curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/razee-io/Kube-cloud-scripts/master/bin/kc_create_razeedash_config_map.sh | sh # Open RazeeDash in your browser open $(kubectl get cm razeedash-config -n razee -o jsonpath='{.data.root_url}')

Why Razee


Dynamically create an inventory of your Kubernetes resources, and use filters and custom alerts in RazeeDash to easily find and troubleshoot issues in your deployment process. RazeeDash provides live and historical data so that you can quickly see what applications and versions are deployed in your clusters.


Designed for scale, Razee helps you to easily manage multi-cluster deployments by templatizing Kubernetes resources, grouping resources and clusters, and defining rules for these groupings to create a flexible configuration that is enforced across clusters, environments, and clouds. With the pull-based deployment architecture, clusters are equipped with everything they need to perform self-updates without manual intervention. All you have to do is to define your rules and let Razee help you achieve operational excellence.

Open source

Join us on our journey to make Razee a powerful continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes with robust and secure components that you can easily plug in to your continuous delivery process to manage day-to-day challenges with multi-cluster deployments, promote automation, and eliminate errors.

Get a little Razee support

Join the Razee development team in the #razee Slack channel to learn more about Razee, discuss configuration options, or show us how you use the Razee components to build your own continuous delivery pipeline. We love to hear your feedback!